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Arnold Wesker F.R.S.L. (1932-2016) was born in London. Considered one of the key figures of post-war British drama, he wrote over forty plays, including The Kitchen, Chicken Soup with Barley, Roots, I'm Talking about Jerusalem, Chips with Everything, The Four Seasons, Love Letters on Blue Paper, Shylock, Annie Wobbler, When God Wanted a Son, Caritas, Denial and Groupie. Arnold Wesker was knighted in the 2006 New Year Honours’ list ‘for services to drama.’.

Longitude by Arnold Wesker publisher Amber Lane Press
ISBN: 9781872868400
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Illustration of H-4 © National Maritime Museum, London


Arnold Wesker

In 1714 the English Parliament offered a prize of £20,000 to whoever could solve the problem of identifying longitude accurately and reliably at sea. Several scientists took up the challenge by pursuing the lunar method, imagining it would be imposible to invent a clock that would withstand the sea's rocking and accompanying changes of temperature. Only a self-educated carpenter turned clockmaker from Lincolnshire, John Harrison, dared challenge the lunar scientists and invent the perfect chronometer.

Undoubtedly a genius, John Harrison was also a prickly and combative character. In their dealings with him the members of the Board of Longitude – the 'priests and professors' as he dubbed them – spent over forty years discovering how stubborn he could be.

Longitudethe Play (based on the book Longitude by Dava Sobel) was premiered at the Greenwich Theatre, London in October 2005. (Cast 9+m, 1f)

“ invigorating piece of theatre”
~ Michael Billington, The Guardian

“...crackles with passion and intelligence”
~ John Peter, The Sunday Times


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