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KUNIO SHIMIZU (1936-2021) wrote his first play, Shomei-nin (A Man Who Signed His Name), in 1958 while he was an undergraduate at Waseda University, Tokyo. In 1968 he and Yukio Ninagawa established the theatre company Gendaijin-Gekijo (Theatre of Contemporary People). Their first play, Hearty but Flippant, marked Ninagawa’s debut as a director and he went on to direct the company’s next six plays, five of which were written by Shimizu. Having founded his own theatre company, Mokutou-sha, in 1974, Shimizu began to work in collaboration with Ninagawa again in 1982. Tango at the End of Winter was a major success of the 1988 Tokyo season.

PETER BARNES (1931 – 2004) wrote over fifty plays. His stage work includes Sclerosis (1965), Leonardo’s Last Supper (1969), Noonday Demons (1969), The Bewitched (1974), Laughter! (1978), Red Noses (1985), and Sunset and Glories (1990). He is also known for his adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s Lulu (1970), and Barnes’ People, a series of monologues, duologues and trilogues written specially for radio. He wrote nine screenplays including The Ruling Class (1972) and Enchanted April (1991). His last play, Jubilee, was staged by the RSC in 2001.

Tango at the End of Winter by Kunio Shimizu publisher Amber Lane Press
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Kunio Shimizu
Tango at the End of Winter
adapted by Peter Barnes

Sei is a middle-aged actor reluctant to face growing old. His wife arranges a fake love affair to revive his acting genius; but he withdraws into a world of fantasy and memories of his youth. This English adaptation of Shimuzu’s play by Peter Barnes charmingly encapsulates a Pirandellian world of reality and illusion. Tango at the End of Winter received its London premiere at the Piccadilly Theatre in August 1991 in the first major theatrical collaboration between the UK and Japan. It starred Alan Rickman and Suzanne Bertish, and was directed by Yukio Ninagawa. (Cast 7m, 5f + extras)

“ exciting theatrical experience...”
Milton Shulman, Evening Standard

“...Shimizu’s play is a piece of symbolism which unfolds with tremendous theatricality...”
~ John Peter, Sunday Times

“Shimizu may make the familiar point that life itself is a form of theatre but he does it with a kaleidoscopic visual boldness that is specifically Japanese and that makes full use of the extensive vocabulary of theatre.”
Michael Billington, The Guardian

“It takes place in a derelict cinema ... with a crowning surprise in store giving the piece a lightning-stroke of theatre.”
~ Shaun Usher, Daily Mail


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