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ROY KIFT has written for the stage, radio and television. From 1972-73 he was resident playwright with the Freehold Theatre Company for whom he wrote Genesis and Mary Mary. In 1974 he won the Thames Television Playwright's Prize for Downers, a play about homeless adolescents in central London. He was resident playwright at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter from 1974-75 and for five years was an adviser to the Arts Council of Great Britain on subsidies to the theatre. In 1980 his award-winning play Stronger than Superman premiered at the GRIPS Theater in Berlin. In 1984 he won 1st prize in a national competition in Germany for the libretto for an opera (composer Susanne Erding) entitled Joy. He has written two holocaust plays - Dreams of Beating Time (1988), and Camp Comedy (2003). By contrast, his latest play is a four-hander farce entitled The Elected Member.

Stronger than Superman by Roy Kift publisher Amber Lane Press
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Roy Kift
Stronger than Superman

This award-winning play is about ‘wheel-people’ and ‘leg-people’. The hero is Chris, a ten-year old with spina bifida. As one of the wheel-people he faces many difficulties and obstacles in a world which has not been designed with him in mind. A delightful, light-hearted comedy for people of all ages from eight years upwards; with notes on the play and themes for follow-up work and discussion. Stronger than Superman has been translated into 21 languages and performed all around the world.
(Cast 4m, 2f, 1 musician)

“This play is not intended mainly for the handicapped, even when they find themselves and their lives so accurately, sympathetically and wittily mirrored as they do here... It is more a play dealing with our attitudes to the handicapped, and a plea for their integration into everyday life.”
~ Frankfurter Rundschau

“Rarely has a play for children and about children combined so much meaning with so much pleasure... fresh, cheeky, quite the opposite of po-faced, this enlightening, optimistic play is a direct hit.”
~ Der Abend


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