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CHARLES DYER (1928-2021) was born in Shrewsbury and began his career in the theatre at the age of 15, working as a call-boy at the Hulme Hippodrome in Manchester. He started writing while still a young actor and achieved his first major breakthrough in 1956 with Wanted - One Body, a play that is still regularly performed all over the world . His reputation as a dramatist was established in the 1960s with two plays: Rattle of a Simple Man and Staircase, both of which were made into successful films.

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Charles Dyer
Lovers Dancing

Each year two dancing couples meet to commemorate not only the ballroom championship when one couple lost due to a suspected sabotage of trouser braces which meant the others won, but also the conception of a child during the drunken night that followed when they all shared a bed. Their nineteenth anniversary, however, turns out to be particularly eventful... First presented at the Albery Theatre starring Georgina Hale, Colin Blakely, Jane Carr and Paul Eddington. (Cast 2m, 2f)

“Charles Dyer writes like a dream ... [Lovers Dancing] is about sexual disaster and people trapped inside their own impossible expectations ... this is a play about a lot more than doubtful parentage: it’s about success and failure in the outer reaches of bad-taste living...”
~ Sheridan Morley, Punch

“[Charles Dyers’] new comedy deals in sexual aspirations and disappointments. If the tone is hardly new or the theme surprising, Mr Dyer still writes ... with an energy and occasional eloquence...”
~ Eric Shorter, Daily Telegraph

“Charles Dyer is a master of invective and the sharply chiselled phrase.”
~ Milton Shulman, Standard

“Mr Dyer, Wycherley to Pinter’s Congreve, writes a heightened, baroque language of loneliness, lust and sexual inadequacy ... Lovers Dancing moves and disturbs, strangely.”
~ Giles Gordon


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