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NELL DUNN is a playwright and a novelist. Her first book was Up the Junction, published in 1963, and she worked with Ken Loach to turn it into a 'Wednesday Play' for the BBC. She collaborated with him again on the film version of her second novel, Poor Cow, which he directed in 1967. In 1981 she wrote her first play, Steaming, which ran in the West End for two years.

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Nell Dunn
Cancer Tales

Here are five women, each on a different and unique journey through cancer. Cancer Tales takes us on an inspirational pilgrimage of courage and despair, love and reconciliation.

"These are moving, authentic voices, speaking from real experience and real emotion. Nell Dunn has an unparalleled ear for the speaking voice of emotion, across the social classes. She treats an important and painful subject with insight, dignity and bravery. She is never sentimental, never alarmist, always true."
~ Margaret Drabble

"These stories illuminate the power that kindness and humility have on those facing a life-threatening illness and, indeed, on us all."
~ Clare Moynihan, The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden Hospital Trust

“[Nell Dunn] is fascinated by human fragility — and knows exactly how easy it would be to strike the wrong note. But there is no chance of that: she has perfect pitch and has pieced together a drama of heart and ear — this is editing as art. ... The most remarkable thing of all about these pieces is that they never seem mawkish or sensational — they are about communication and truth and learning to read between the lines.”
~ Kate Kellaway, Observer


Nell Dunn

Steaming is set in the 'Turkish Room' of a run-down Public Baths in the East End of London, where five women regularly meet, to bathe, relax and share their troubles.

"a lovely play, suffused with affection"
~ Ned Chaillet, The Times

"...shot through with extravagant and caustic wit.”
~ Rosalind Carne, Financial Times

"full of lively, ribald humour"
~ Christopher Hudson, New Standard

“...very endearing. Nell Dunn has a great ear for the way women talk, dipping from one subject to another in apparent non-sequiturs, as easily as they slip from the steam into the cold water. Her script is funny and affectionate, and the characters, if slender, are warmly drawn.”
Sarah Hemming, Financial Times

“The great strength of Dunn’s play is that it is like a girl’s night out without the hangover.”
~ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian



Steaming by Nell Dunn ISBN: 0906399300 published by Amber Lane Press
ISBN: 9780906399309
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