Amber Lane Press has been publishing plays and books on the theatre since our formation in 1978 by the playwright Brian Clark. We have many well-known modern and established dramatists on our list, including 'Biyi Bandele, Steven Berkoff, Ronald Harwood, Julian Mitchell, Martin Sherman, Hugh Whitemore and Sir Arnold Wesker.

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Whose Life is it Anyway? (new version) by Brian Clark publisher Amber Lane Press

Brian Clark's award-winning play Whose Life Is It Anyway? is about a man who argues his case for assisted suicide after he has been left paralysed following a car crash. It was first produced at the Mermaid Theatre in London in 1978, with Tom Conti in the leading role, before transferring to the Savoy and then moving on to Broadway.

Realising that he had a hit on his hands Brian decided that he would produce and sell the playscript himself. And this was how his independent publishing house was launched. Taking its name from the address in Ambergate in Derbyshire where Brian was living at the time, Amber Lane Press has gone on to carve out a niche as a champion of new and exciting drama.

Whose Life Is It Anyway? has now been continuously in print for over 40 years, along with many other modern classics, including Once a Catholic by Mary O'Malley, The Dresser by Ronald Harwood, Bent by Martin Sherman, Another Country by Julian Mitchell and many more.

Brian Clark
Brian Clark

Playwright and Drama Publisher



You can read more about Brian Clark and his other work here.

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The Business of Murder by Richard Harris publisher Amber Lane Press
Whose Life is it Anyway? (original version) by Brian Clark publisher Amber Lane Press
A Letter of Resignation by Hugh Whitemore published by Amber Lane Press


New Boy - adapted from William Sutcliffe's novel by Russell Labey publisher Amber Lane Press
Once a Catholic by Mary O'Malley published by Amber Lane Press
Bent by Martin Sherman publisher Amber Lane Press


Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig - publisher Amber Lane Press
Bent by Martin Sherman publisher Amber Lane Press
Speculators by Tony Marchant publisher Amber Lane Press



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